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#TBT Dynamic Africa History Post - Inspiration: “African Gold”.

From the ancient Southern African civilization of Mapungubwe, to the region formally known as the Gold Coast, for many African societies - both past and present - gold has and continues to play an important role in various aspects of their quotidien lives.

From the jewelry worn by women in the Sahara, Sahel and Senegambia regions, such as the kwottenai kanye earrings of Fulani women, the elaborate headdresses of Songhaï women, the gold jewelry and currency of the Moors and the Imazighen of North Africa, to the numerous gold cast items of the Ashanti and Akan people of Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire, gold has been used to represent status and wealth, accent spiritual and healing objects, and as adornments for special occassions.

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